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JayHenge Publishing KB · Alloy By Lennart Augustsson

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Lennart Augustsson has a day job involving an obscure programming language called Haskell. He is a great admirer of Asimov’s very short stories. He lives with his wife and cats in Sweden.

The Moment

JayHenge Publishing KB · The Moment By Dan Piponi

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Dan Piponi once wrote a science fiction story at the age of eight and after a hiatus of nearly 50 years he picked up the (virtual) pen again in order to write another. But he wasn't entirely idle between these bouts of composition. He wrote film visual effects software and was credited on movies including Event Horizon, The Matrix and Star Trek, receiving three Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement along the way. If the press is to believed, he also worked on a space elevator project at Google X. Find him on Twitter @sigfpe.


JayHenge Publishing KB · Contraband By Susanne Huelsmann

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In her early teens, Susanne's father supplied her with science fiction novels, and her mother gave her a mechanical typewriter on which she bashed out her first stories. It should not surprise that she grew up to be a writer of speculative fiction. Having been dubbed the "wandering dictionary" by her English teacher, she decided to study the language and switched to English for both reading and writing. Susanne is an unashamed and unapologetic geek of many stripes, a lover of words and all things fantastic, and an anglophile who now happily resides in the UK.

Company for Tea

JayHenge Publishing KB · Company for Tea By Kimber Camacho

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Kimber Camacho lives in California and has been married to the same wonderfully talented partner for a surprising number of years. She's been making up stories most of her life; from crayons on construction paper to word processing programs. A voracious reader, Kimber also enjoys a wide variety of music, and has dabbled in other artistic endeavors like drawing and sculpting. She regularly participates in writing-oriented AO3, Dreamwidth, and Tumblr communities. She has had short stories published in anthologies by Circlet Press (http://www.circlet.com/) and JayHenge Publishing (http://www.jayhenge.com/), all of which can be found on her Amazon.com author's page: