JayHenge Publishing was founded when our editor had seen far too many good authors slipping through the cracks of today's publishing world. Readers are looking for great stuff to read and we want to help provide it.
Feel free to contact us at editor@jayhenge.com.



Our editor, Jessica Augustsson, is a speculative fiction copy editor, grammar nerd, eclipse chaser, part-time writer, and has had a steampunk hat named after her. As a spec-fic copy editor, most of her writing can be found nestled among the words of other authors, but she can't help typing out a few of her own stories now and then. As for spec fic in her own life, she was voted by her Idaho high school class to be the most likely to go live on the moon; when she was 20, she moved to Sweden so she guesses that's pretty close.



Kem is from a small town in Sweden and has been an assistant editor for about 20 years. His soul is as black as his hair, but he tries to keep a hopeful outlook.
Kem works closely with the editor, answering mail when she can't, and generally saves her time so she can focus on wielding that red pen of hers. He lives to serve!
He will also be receiving/answering mail addressed to editor@jayhenge.com.