Titanic Terastructures

Ringworlds, Dyson spheres, arcologies, planet cities, space elevators, skyscrapers with populations of entire countries; join us in these speculative stories set in or about megastructures, gigastructures, TERASTRUCTURES!  
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Joining Forces

Collaboration and cooperation often get us further in life than solely working on our own with no input. Two or more heads are better than one when it comes to solving the problems of the universe.  
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The Chorochronos Archives

Time travel. The desire to achieve this stems from the human need to KNOW. What really happened that day? What will happen in the future? How can we put a stop to that bad thing, or achieve this good thing? How will we react if something goes wrong with our attempts to do any of this? How do we get there in the first place? Within these covers, you'll find a whole host of stories investigating these questions and more!  
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Sunshine Superhighway

Solarpunk, cyberpunk, other planets, alternate worlds that might be nearly lost through our own hubris; futuristic fantasy and speculative-fiction stories of all kinds that have a hopeful outlook and leave us with the idea that despite the doom and gloom in the universe, things can possibly work out if we strive to make life better, even if in a small way.  
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Whigmaleeries & Wives' Tales

Superstitions, Legends, Folklore and Old Wives' Tales--where do they come from? How did they get started? What's the "real" reason we throw spilled salt over our shoulder or avoid stepping on a crack? What were the old women really afraid of when someone broke a mirror? Delve into the imagination and enjoy our theories!  
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Sensory Perceptions

"What happens when you mix speculative fiction and romantic or erotic elements? In this anthology, you'll go on a sensual journey. From a lonely wife in The Mending Tool to a supernatural creature that inspires passion in Want, these characters and stories will draw you in. Paint portraits with the main character of The Knight's Collection. Or make love to a deity as in Sarvāngāsana or Lady Eros visits a Coffee Shop. Some of these stories provide the expected Happily Ever After/Happy For Now ending of a traditional romance plot. Others will subvert your expectations in delightful ways."
     --Delilah Night, author of deliciously naughty bedtime stories  
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Pioneers & Pathfinders

Whether exploring new vistas or encountering ancient ones, the call of unknown places and unseen sights is strong in many of us. Our planet has so many wild places—jungles, deserts, mountains, and more, and the cultures that go with them—the type of "wild" that you might have found on the steppes of Mongolia, the dusty heat of India, the blowing sands of the Sahara. Imagine all that wild, difficult nature wrapped up in speculative fiction. Also embracing the pioneering spirit, we find generational ships, the wild west of a post-apocalypse, or the attempt to conquer the sky. Join us on this journey through the imagination as we venture out to forge new paths.  
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Some of the best speculative fiction stories today have derived from the tumultuous political times of the past from authors seeking to highlight injustice or simply work through their own frustration. We are indeed living in interesting times, locally and globally (and intergalactically?). Join our writers in their examination of politics in our own world and others!  
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Sometimes communication is not as straightforward as we might expect. From body language to Morse code, conveying messages comes in a wide variety of forms. How do we get our message across?
The stories and novellas in this anthology plumb the depths of the imagination, seeking to understand what might come to be if we were forced to communicate with those who no longer or never did understand us.


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Myths, Monsters,

Myths, tales of monsters,  mutations of what's real. Our entire history of storytelling, of myth and lore, of what we pass on to our children, and share around the campfire, has included stories of monsters. From the bogey-men and devils who will eat you if you go out at night, to the gods and demigods waiting to be offended by some small slight, to the sinister mutations and impostors who try to fool us, to the monsters we harbor deep in our own hearts—all find a place within these pages. We hope you enjoy our gruesome tales.  

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Unearthly Sleuths

So what is detective fiction? Where does the idea of solving mysteries come from? The biblical cross-examination of the two elderly lechers by Daniel to save the life of an innocent; Oedipus's discovery of the truth about origins by questioning witnesses; Scheherazade's story of a dead young woman hidden in a chest and a vizier ordered to find the murderer within three days or forfeit his life; Yuan and Ming dynasty tales of local magistrates who are involved with many cases simultaneously; Edgar Allan Poe's C. August Dupine who solves the mystery of the death of two women living in the Rue Morgue, a fictional street in Paris. Detective fiction has been around for ages, and has taken many forms, all in the pursuit of solving a puzzle, answering a question that has eluded others. In this anthology, more than a dozen creative authors have sent their mystery-solving sleuths to other worlds, both fantastical and futuristic. Join us in solving our other-worldy puzzles!

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Phantasmical Contraptions
& Other Errors

Steampunk tales of bravery and derring-do, of dreams and hopes, of characters big and small. Come along with us on this steam-driven rollercoaster ride of adventure!

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In Encounters, the second spec fic anthology by JayHenge Publishing, we reveal what happens when different species, populations, times—or even objects—meet.
Ever since Robinson found a stranger's footprint on his solitary island, literature—and especially Science Fiction and Fantasy literature—has been fascinated by meeting the Other.
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Fenix Reviews Encounters.

Other Days

In turn funny, whimsical, thought-provoking and light-hearted, Other Days takes the reader through space and to cyberspace, back in time and into the future, where humans might be beasts, beasts human, and gods mistaken for commoners.
We hope you enjoy this eclectic collection of original stories by seasoned writers and exciting new authors from around the globe.  
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Fenix Reviews Other Days .

Intrepid Horizons

Intrepid Horizons — The third collection of speculative fiction stories from JayHenge Publishing, gathered and edited by Jessica Augustsson. Within, you will find tales of courage and bravery, heroic journeys and audacious adventures, in the space where the known and unknown meet.
Come along on our travels through space, time, or even the most mundane circumstances, as they change what life is like, from space colonization and rocket ships to whirling sand and magical shoes that whisk us away to intrepid horizons.

The Axe and the Throne

It is a fool's errand and Tallos knows it, but against his own better judgment and the pleading of his wife, Tallos has committed himself to a voyage north. His lifelong friend's eldest sons are said to have been taken by Northmen, a raiding people ill-reputed for their savagery. The boys are already dead, Tallos knows, and in that dark place of grim reasoning he wishes only to find their corpses quickly so he can fulfill his promise and return to his wife. Instead, he finds something far worse.
Listed as the #1 Best Seller in Viking/Norse Fantasy on Amazon, JayHenge Publishing is pleased to offer you M.D. Ireman's The Axe and the Throne, book 1 in the Bounds of Redemption series.
You can find the first volume of this epic fantasy on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Heaven's Edge Trilogy

Qeya has spent her life aboard a ship adrift on heaven's edge. Being Royal means more than being groomed to rule her home planet. Though young, she can wield a scythe blade and suck the life out of her enemy, literally. That her whole life has been planned out for her, including whom she will marry, has never bothered her...until her ship is attacked.
Forced to lead before she is ready, Qeya must find a way to put aside ancient prejudices so they can all survive. Old enemies must form new alliances if they are to last the night. For no one knows the secrets of the new world and only a few can survive the living nightmares at heavens edge.
Ohre suppressed his wild nature while living on board Datura 3. Plucked from the bottom of the ocean as a boy, he struggled to learn the ways of the land dwellers. He never asked to live with the heaven-sailing miners. But when his adopted clan’s ship is attacked, he must give into the instincts he long fought against.
After fighting to keep Qeya and the Royal children, alive, he finds himself abandoned once more.
And Tamn, Qeya's betrothed. Crashed on the planet below, plagued by monsters both external and internal, Tamn begins to enjoy the flowing rage and chole dust alike.
JayHenge is happy to present Qeya for Kindle here, Ohre here, and Tamn here.

of the Chief

In the hot and dry Utah territory in 1857, Young Nick Wilson is bored with his lonesome chores of weeding the garden and tending sheep, while his older brother is permitted to hire out to the neighbors and cut cedar posts beside their pa.
Pa tells Nick that he must show some responsibility with his own chores before he asks to work for someone else. In his boredom, Nick has forgotten to fasten the gate to the sheep pen—again.
When some members of the Shoshone tribe pass by on their way to a nearby rendezvous to trade furs, they cross paths with Nick, and are delighted to discover the boy speaks their language. They allow Nick to ride one of their ponies, and offer to give him the pony if he will go home with them.
While Nick enjoys his pony ride, the neglected sheep get into the family vegetable garden, destroying the family's winter food stores. Nick's pa tells him he'll never amount to anything and sends him to bed without supper.
Filled with remorse and regret, Nick decides to spare his pa the burden and agrees to go with the Shoshone.
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